A Note on Rates


Australia's national editorial body, the Institute of Professional Editors, has released its latest survey regarding the editing profession in Australia. According to the research conducted, the national average rate for editing is $67 AUD per hour ($44.66 per 1000 words).​

IPEd National Survey of Editors 2016 (results released July 2017)

"Nationally, 24% of respondents who worked as freelance editors charged between $60 and $69 per hour, with 19% charging between $50 and $59 per hour and 17% charging between $70 and $79 per hour. At the extremes, 12 (3%) of freelance respondents charged more than $120 per hour, and 11 (3%) charged less than $30 per hour (Figure 9)[...] Not all freelance respondents charged different rates for different types of work. However, for those who did vary rates (63%), the average (mean) rate for proofreading was $55 per hour, for copyediting $65 per hour and for substantive or structural [aka developmental] editing $74 per hour. Writing was charged at an average of $84 per hour and thesis editing at $54 per hour." 


It's hard to know what to expect as far as rates go when you're looking for a professional editor. To make it easier to get an overview, I've created a comparison table below.

These rates have been calculated to reflect 1000-word lots, rather than an hourly rate. The calculations are done on the basis that the editor in question is editing at 1500 words per hour. I don't charge per hour, as I often spend more time than I've estimated for a job. A flat rate (per word) means you don't get overcharged. Keep in mind, however, that each editor defines their services differently, so one editor may offer more as far as line editing goes (for example), compared to another. Such fluctuation in services and editing speeds means that this chart is only to be used as a guide.

Type of Editing

Line Editing


£22.63 ($40.17) est

$49.33 (est.)

Developmental Editing


£22.63 ($40.17)




£16.93 ($30.05)




£19.73 ($35.02)


$32.33 ($41.78)

$32.33 ($41.78)

$23.33 ($30.15)

$26.66 ($34.46)

Prices in blue indicate AUD.

UK - Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading

US - Editorial Freelancers Association

AU - Institute of Professional Editors


Further information on Australian national rates can be found through the IPEd National Survey of Editors 2016 (results released July 2017) however since IPEd changed their website recently, the data has been superceded by the recommended hourly payrates (linked above). Because these rates are incredibly high, I have chosen to stick with the data from the 2016 survey.