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SATYRS are born between a mortal and the Goddess of Fertility. At first, they might appear like every other citizen of Dynosia. But beneath their human flesh lurks a monstrous secret: a beast craving the passions of mortal men. And on nights of the sable moon, when all is darkest, they reveal their true form . . .

Aurelius Savair, twenty-one, can have any man he wants. Disinherited for his deviant lifestyle, the former heir to the throne of Mestibes has schemed and screwed his way back to prominence. But it isn’t enough – he yearns for all the power that was stolen from him. And suddenly, an opportunity comes to get it. War is looming, and the only man who can save his city is Calix Viralis, the mysterious crown prince of Ardora, the distant land of passion. Now, Aurelius must put his skills of seduction to the test. But in doing so, he will uncover Calix’s monstrous secret. And discover that his own ashen heart can burn once more.

Teigra Cosmin, eighteen, is living a wasted life. The best pegasus rider in Mestibes' history, she has been reduced to a grovelling bachelorette by her power-hungry mother. Worse, she is plagued by the life-destroying mistake that she can never allow herself to forget. But this all changes when she is sent with her cousin, Aurelius, on a dangerous mission. Now, she must take control of her own destiny, and make the soul-wrenching decision between saving her family’s legacy, or the powerful woman who fills her with forbidden desire.

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Sam Dry and the Glowing Sea, Matt Jones (TBP, LE)

Charnel House, Fergal Bannon (TBP, LE)

A Callous Heart, Marcelle Payne (TBP, LE)

Seasons of the Sleuth Books 1-3, Susan Aardvark (TBP, LE) - Revised Editions

Maitland Station, Susan* (TBP, LE)

Aquemin, Irene Sieberger (TBP, C, LE)

What If? Anthony Jakob (TBP, FPP)

Shared Thoughts, Harold C Irwin (TBP, DE)

Andromeda, Natasa Xerri (TBP, FPP)

The Fidelity of a Snake, Volume 1, Xykane Ishigami (TBP, FPP)

The Sorceress Queen, Naison Jones (TBP, FPP)

The Fidelity of a Snake, Valume 1; Salt, Xykane Ishigami (TBP, FPP)

The Overseas Experience, Sonja Collett (TBP, FPP)

Untitled Manuscript, Winston Oi (TBP, FPP)

The Lost Pearl, L. Dean (TBP, FPP)

Between Two Realms, Maria Ngo (TBP, FPP)

Descendants of the Sun, Denisa Mih (TBP, LE)

For Chordillia, LR Brooks (TBP, FPP)

George, GJ. (TBP, FPP)

The Five Lords of Dusk, F Malbeck (TBP, LE)

Between Two Realms, book 1, Mazrine L Amaris (ISBN: 9780645709216, FPP)

The Fallout, Mark Doldissen (TBP, FPP)

Nikolai's Revenge, Craig Smith (TBP, FPP)

The Omega Plan, Part I, Jonathon Karagiannis (TBP, FPP)

The Omega Plan, Part II, Jonathon Karagiannis (TBP, FPP)

Our Satyr Prince, Dylan Drakes (ASIN: B0BXWPXL9N, FPP)

Rose: Elemental Daughter, JR Mitchell (TBP, FPP)

Ichor, Abbygayle Withers (TBP, FPP)

Standalone Novels:

Everyday Lies, Louise Guy (ISBN: 9780648014423, F)

A Time Unpromised, Natalie Payne (ISBN: 9780692813928, LE)

Bargaining with the Devil, LJ Hayward (ASIN: B07DWVJ6GR, LE)

Doomed? Book One of Mongrel (ASIN: B07P9BNFJC, LE)

Time Freeze, Louise Guy (ASIN: B07TS3DW23)

A Stranger's Tale, Natasa Xerri (ISBN: 9780646807867, FPP)

The Case of the Notorious Roboticist, David Hearne (ISBN: 9781689436151, LE)

The Returning, Eliza Mager (ISBN: 9781684708284, FPP)

A Misplaced Child, Heather Michelle (ISBN: 978-1952857003, FPP)

Coureur de Jupons, Simone Ohlenrott (ASIN: B08CVNXRMX, FPP)

Unhomed, Marie Stewart (Published as a serial, LE)

Back In Time for a Doughnut, David Hearne (ISBN: 9781697501377, LE)

Eighth Stone, Bruce Pederson (ISBN: 9798690504762, FPP)

The Augmented, Brendon Hawkins (ISBN: 978-0645168617, FPP)

Envy, Rebecca Dengate (ISBN: 9780645195101, LE)

The Living Thread, Craig Frides (ISBN: 9798473024517, LE)

The Mushroom Garden, Adam Oehlers (ISBN: unavailable, FPP)

Escape from the Commodore 64, David Hearne (ASIN: B09RTXTR85, FPP)

Digital Lights, Coffee Quills (ASIN: B0B7QBJZP8, LE)

Tolerance, M. M. Forster (ISBN: 9780646858685, LE)

Blasted Research, Coffee Quills (ASIN: B09QZ1RS35, LE)

A Wish is a Dangerous Thing, Abbygayle Withers (ASIN: B0BRVXCSPJ)

Converging Parallels, Stephen J Bannister (ISBN: 9780463929063, S, LE)

The Oracor Series

Sorcerer's Seduction, JR Mitchell (ASIN: B08833G26W, FPP)

Indigo: Daughter of Fire, JR Mitchell (TBP, FPP)

The Witches of Wyldeden Chronicles (Alex Clifford)

The Mark of Things Unwanted, Alex Clifford (ISBN: 9780645020106, FPP)

The Mark of One Unending, Alex Clifford (ISBN: 9780645020137, FPP)

The Mark for Those Unbound, Alex Clifford (ISBN: 9780645479904, FPP)

A Love of Books and Leather, Alex Clifford (ISBN: 9780645020144, FPP)

A Tale of Scars and Rebels, Alex Clifford (ISBN: 9780645020151, FPP)

The Reliance Sinclaire Series

On Impulse, Heather Yunke (ISBN: 9798987417119, FPP)

On Instinct, Heather Yunke (Bonus short, FPP)

The Secret World of Curly Jones (Louise Guy)

Book One: New Worlds (ISBN: 9780994448286, F) 

Book Two: Old Worlds (ISBN: 9780-648014409, F) 

The Rachaya Series (Ash Oldfield) 

Book One: Fyrebyrne Island  (ISBN: 978-0987445001, F)

Book Two: The Lost City (ISBN: 978-0987445018, F)

Book Three: Heart of Dragons (ISBN: 978-0987445025, FPP)

The Dragon Tax Saga (Ian Madison Keller) 

Book One: The Dragon Tax (ISBN: 9780990716761, FPP) - Revised Edition

Book Two: Dragons Ahoy!  (ISBN: 978-0990716778, FPP)

Book Three: Dragon Fried Cheese  (ISBN: 978-0990716792, FPP)

Book Four: Silence of the Dragon (ISBN: 9781949768008, FPP)

The Lightfeeder Menace (I.W. Ferguson) 

Book One: Belief's Horizon (ISBN: 978-1732664517, LE)


The Savage Derangement Series (Craig Smith) 

The Dark Blade of Clover, Book 1; Descendants of a Lost Eon - Prequel (TBP, DE, LE)

The Dark Blade of Clover, Book 2; The Dark Retribution - Prequel Set (TBP, DE, LE)

Book One: Clover (ISBN: 978-0692064849, LE)

Warrior Unbound Trilogy (C.M. Kane) 

Book One: Island of the Gods  (ISBN: 978-1522011408, F)

Book Two: Realms of the Gods  (ISBN: 978-1522011583, F)

Book Three: Defender of the Gods  (ISBN: 978-1522011644, F)


The Crafters' Club (Louise Guy)

Book One: Two Worlds (ISBN: 978-0994341402, F)

Book Two: The Villagers (ISBN: 978-0994341426, F)

Book Three: Lost (ISBN: 978-0994341440, F)

Book Four: The Professor (ISBN: 978-0994341464, F)

Book Five: Spirit (ISBN: 978-0994341488, F)

Book Six: Friendship (ISBN: 978-0994448200, F)

Book Seven: The Secret (ISBN: 9780994448224, F)

Book Eight: The Promise (ISBN: 9780994448224, F)

Book Nine: The End (ISBN: 9780994448224, F)

Book Ten: Worlds Collide (ISBN: 9780648014447, F)

Mason's Point (Susan Aardvark)

Book One: Adventure at Will's Beach (TBP, LE) - Revised Edition

Book Two: The Adventure in the Ruins (TBP, LE) - Revised Edition

Book Three: Adventures in London (TBP, LE) - Revised Edition

Clara Canning (Susan Aardvark)

Clara Canning and the Photo Bomber (ASIN: B01D7U23TK, LE)

Clara Canning and the Half-Eaten Fruit (ASIN: B01D46ALNW, LE)

Clara Canning and the Crashing Drums (ASIN: B01D7U21RE, LE)

Clara Canning and the School Dance (TBP, LE)


New Year's Eve -  (ASIN: B01N1I32R5, LE)

   The Anniversary, Louise Guy

   Happy New Richard, Mark J. Keenan

   Pieces of Me, Amanda-Lee Charman

   Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot?, Linda Joannides 

   You Only Live Once, Sueanne Gregg

   Out With a Bang, Tracy Brenton

Hidden Depths -  (ASIN: B072WWS3S2, LE)

   Fatal Words, Louise Guy

   Just Another Statistic, Linda Joannides

   The Old Man and The Boy, Laila Miller

   Wrong Side of the Tracks, Sueanne Gregg

   The Bell of Warning, Claire McLennan

   High Tide - A Tempest Bay Short Story, Tracy Brenton (ASIN: B07CKRR988, LE)

   Broken Song, Mark J. Keenan

   Lightning Speed, Amanda-Lee Charman

   Building Bridges, Suzanne S-Smith

Standalone Children's Books:

Amelia to the Rescue, Susan Aardvark (ASIN: B01CJN02UI, LE)

Patch the Feral Cat, Susan Aardvark (TBP, LE)

The Paper Clip Kidz, Deeann Pavlick (ASIN: B01CRIYQX4, CE)

Where Does the Sun Sleep, Deeann Pavlick (978-1491269763, CE)

ABC Alphabet Express, Deeann Pavlick (TBP, CE)


The Red Viking, Terence MacManus

Mutaball, Terence MacManus

The Watcher, Terence MacManus 

This is the Dawning (1-12), Helena McAuley (Zodiac Anthologies, LE)

TBP - To Be Published

CE - Copyedit only

LE - Line edit only

DE - Developmental Edit

P - Proofreading only

FPP - Full Publishing Package

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