Kat was warm and professional from the very start. She listened to my concerns, made her suggestions and backed up these suggestions with a sample edit. I was sold from then onward. She’s an editor who understands important things, like tone and style, and prunes with a thorough, but not ruthless hand. She does her research, and gives detailed reasons for changes. I was very fortunate to find her.

I recommend her to writers who want to see their work truly shine. She's a joy to work with.

— Natalie Payne

Inspired by passion, Element Editing Services was founded in 2011. Having worked as an editor since 2010, I spent the beginning of my career providing detailed developmental advice and editing anything I could get my hands on. I now specialise in speculative fiction, particularly fantasy and science fiction. I work incredibly hard to ensure that every client receives only the very best editing experience.

Element Editing Services takes its name from the core elements that weave together to create a brilliantly written novel. 

It's important to note that the definitions of some of these edits change between countries, and even between editors.

Please ensure you read the descriptions of each type editing.

The Short of It

While you can find a wealth of knowledge across this site, I've included a quick rundown here for your convenience.

Element Editing Services manages all types of written works, from a few hundred words to a few hundred thousand. 

I can edit your manuscript to your market of choice – from Australia and the United Kingdom to America and Canada.

I specialise in Speculative Fiction with advanced knowledge of Fantasy and Science Fiction. 

Speculative Fiction encompasses the following genres:

Alternate History
Utopian and Dystopian
Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic
Science Fiction

My Qualifications:
Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing
Bachelor of Professional Writing and Editing
Post-graduate Diploma of Secondary Education


Services can be tailored to the specific needs of your manuscript, or your personal requests. Generally, I offer Line Editing, Developmental Editing (Content/Substantive), and Critiques. I can also provide copyediting, structural only edits, and proofreading. You can find out more here.

Very soon, I will also be offering Professional Beta Reading, so stay tuned!

Out Now!

Imagine you had the power to change the world…


Sixth-graders Jasper and Izzy are shocked to discover they possess a unique power: they can freeze time. The only catch? They can't use it for personal gain. Led by an unexpected ally, they enter the in-between dimension, a waiting room positioned between their world and eternity; a place where mortality travellers (people who have died) are stuck, unable to move on unless changes to their pasts are made.


Can Jasper and Izzy travel to the past, use their power to freeze time, and change the histories of Will, Hannah and Oliver, three individuals whose deaths have impacted the lives of thousands of others? And will they ignore the possible consequences of using this power to change their own lives for the better?


Suitable for 8-12-year-olds, Time Freeze deals with issues of parental abuse, disability, and the devastating and potentially fatal effects of bullying, in an age-appropriate and sensitive manner.

Buy Time Freeze by Louise Guy HERE

Each quote will be charged in AUD. USD and GBP prices are a guide only.

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