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Client Guide


Scheduling is usually completed between 2 to 3 months in advance. This is dependent on the current workload and any last minute cancellations. You can schedule an edit as far in advance as you like in order to ensure a spot in the schedule. Contact me to find out about the current schedule and any wait times.


Every edit is unique and as such turnaround times can vary quite a lot. You'll receive an estimated delivery date before being sent an invoice, or you can request a specific delivery date. Occasionally the edit will be completed in advance; ideally this is what I aim for. In the extremely rare event that the edit is running late, you will be advised as soon as possible. It is important to us that the edit you receive is of the highest quality and accuracy.

Line edits and proofreading require that your writing platform (MS Word etc.) be able to display Track Changes. In some cases you may not see the tracked changes when you open your edited document. No need to panic! Simply select the "Review" tab in MS Word, and ensure "Final Showing Markup" is selected. This should be automatically set when you open your document but, as I've said, this isn't always the case. Further information on Track Changes for MS Word 2003+ (PC & Mac) and OpenOffice can be accessed by clicking here.


If you've had a proofread completed on your work, the multitude of marks can get confusing. The Merriam-Webster website has a great key to help you manage any marks you're not sure of. To access it, just click here.
If you need help at any point, contact me, I'm always willing to help.

Proofreading is performed using markup stamps on the PDF copy of your work.


​After receiving your edit you're welcome to email me with questions to seek clarification or support. There is no time limit on seeking post-edit help. Requests for additional editing, brainstorming, outlining, and writing will require payment for additional services. If you're not sure, email me.



In scheduling your edit you accept that editing is subjective. You may disagree with some of the changes, and that's fine! While changes are always optional, you're welcome to query any you're not sure of. I'm more than happy to clarify any changes or areas of disagreement so that you can understand the reasoning behind them.

Disagreeing with editorial changes does not, in itself, entitle you to a refund.


Editing is subjective and services are not a guarantee of publication. Element Editing Services is not a publishing house, nor can I act as an agent on your behalf. Additionally I do not have access to any particular house's personal style guides. If you do have access, I'm more than happy to ensure the edit falls in line, but please let me know in advance. Such guides should be current - house styles are updated frequently.

Payment can be made via bank deposit, PayPal, or credit/debit card (via PayPal external invoicing). If required, payment can also be made in instalments, however this will need to be organised in advance. 

Each quote will be charged in AUD. USD and GBP prices are a guide only. All invoices (unless otherwise organised) are to be paid in advance of an edit beginning. 

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