Publishing novels is a daunting process but working with Kat has made it a pleasure. I sent my first manuscript to Elemental Editing in 2020 expecting brutal critique from someone of Kat’s calibre, but not only was her communication prompt and professional, it was also supportive, encouraging and constructive. Speaking with other authors, I feel truly blessed to have found someone like Kat so early in my career as I am confident that every manuscript I send her way is in the best hands. My experience with the editing process is the least stressful part of each new book (and there have been plenty more since that initial one in 2020), and that is absolutely because of Kat’s personable approach and her commitment to every project. I will forever recommend her to anyone looking for a genre editor as an invaluable part of your publishing team.

Alex Clifford | The Witches of Wyldeden Chronicles

I was lucky enough to discover Kat purely by accident. A random pick from the editors manual online. And wasn’t I the lucky one. I’ve been searching for an editor for years, one who gets me and my fantasy brain. Once I’d made my initial contact with Kat, I sent her through my finished manuscript and was surprised Kat got back to me as quickly as she did. Most editors do not. I honestly didn’t think my work would cut it, me thinking Kat would deem my novel not good enough, but Kat gave me praise and as an author that is something you rarely get unless it's deserved. Kat is amazing, both professionally and as a person. She encouraged me and gave me the confidence to keep on going with this saga. I hope one day I get to sit down with this wonderful woman to thank her in person. That day when my novels are sitting in book shops and being recorded as audible, I will have Kat to thank for it.

JR Mitchell | Sorcerer's Seduction

I've had Kat as my editor for a while now. She is highly professional and takes great care and pride in her work. But most importantly, Kat is very easy to work with. She's very approachable and goes above and beyond to ensure my writing is the best it can be. I send all my work to Kat and also to Lena who has become my trusty beta reader. The two have become a very important part of my writing process and I can't thank or recommend them enough.

Natasa Xerri | A Stranger's Tale

Kat Betts of Element Editing Services has been an absolute delight to work with from start to finish. Not only is she a highly skilled editor from a technical point of view, she also has a genuine passion for her work. She treated my books with the care she would give to her own, and I completely trust her with my novels. Kat went above and beyond and I can’t praise her highly enough. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Ash Oldfield | The Rachaya Series

Kat came highly recommended and she went above and beyond my high expectations for an editor. Many other editors merely rejected my manuscript, but Kat took the challenge on and not only made my manuscript clean and concise, but turned it into a world-class work. We all understand that editing can be time consuming, but she worked quite diligently despite the amount of work involved in getting my manuscript ready for print. She rocks and I would recommend her to anyone serious about wanting to get their manuscript in working order.

Craig Smith | Clover

Kat understands my work and my challenges, and cares about more than just the book she's working on, but also the development of my fledgling career. She's been supportive and encouraging (unless you happen to be a comma), and my manuscript is much improved.

IW Ferguson | Belief's Horizon

Kat was wonderful. Not only did she help me through some tough sections of my project, but she was honest with her opinions and brilliant at her editing. Thankfully, between the two of us, I will soon have a presentable and much improved book to publish. I definitely recommend her and I'll be using her services again when the second in my trilogy is due to be "fixed up"!

C.M. Kane | Warrior Unbound Trilogy

Kat is amazing! She gave me great feedback, friendly service, and great editing and copyediting work. She was very easy to work with, quickly got back to me on any questions I had, listened to my needs, gave helpful suggestions, and was very professional. Thank you!

Madison Keller | The Dragonsbane Saga

Kat came highly recommended and she didn’t disappoint. Being new to the editing process, I was grateful for her attention to detail and helpful advice. Kat’s knowledge and experience have been invaluable and I will certainly be seeking her out for future projects.

Linda Joannides | 'Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?'

Kat recently edited my short story for inclusion in an anthology. She was prompt and her markups were very useful and on-point. When I had a family emergency and needed to change my deadline, Kat was understanding about the situation. I will definitely use Element Editing Services again for any editing I need done in the future.

Sueanne Gregg | 'You Only Live Once'​

I feel like I struck gold when I found Element Editing Services.
Kat did a sublime line edit on both of my stories, making much-needed corrections on the technical aspects as well as providing developmental insights where timeline issues or inconsistencies had got past me (despite my many drafts and edits) [...] it was such a positive experience seeing not only what was to change but why the change was made.

You just don’t get that level of detail-mindedness and commitment from any old editing firm. This isn’t just ‘work’ for Kat: I felt as though I was working with an editor who wanted the story to shine and cared about the final outcome as much as I did. 

If you’re looking for true professionals who are affordable and genuinely invested in wanting the best outcome for your work, I can’t recommend Element Editing Services highly enough. They helped me find my voice and bring my stories to life in the manner I intended. Connecting with them was the best move I’ve made in my writing career.

David Hearne | Back in Time for a Doughnut (and others)​

Kat from Elemental is a fantastic editor responsible for editing my first book. Not only did she provide multiple line edits, and a proof read, but she provided insight and feedback that helped raise the engagement of the overall story. Her service ensured that my grammar was polished, and that each of my characters maintained their own voices, were true to their moral compass, and warranted a place in the overall story. Her communication was clear, swift, and professional, and her guidance was invaluable. Above assisting me with ensuring that the book reached its full potential, Kat also provided insight and answers to questions I had about the industry, and the next steps required to publish my work. I will certainly be a returning client when my next piece of work is ready for editing.

Craig Fridey | The Living Thread

As a first time author with no previously published work, Kat was absolutely amazing. She was fundamental in the process of my work. Her knowledge and expertise are second to none. Friendly, helpful and supportive throughout the entire editing process. Highly recommended!!!

Brendan Edwards | The Longest Road

I have worked with Kat for a few years and she is an absolute delight. Extremely professional, always over delivers and is exceptionally personable. She makes each interaction so comfortable and has an amazing eye for detail. Her editorial skills are second to none. Kat's feedback is always very detailed and she always provides reasons for each comment. I have full trust in her ability to make my work shine and be on point and am looking forward to our continued partnership.

Anthony Jakob | What If?

I first contacted Kat when I was a chapter into what was to become a multi-year project. She encouraged me to proceed, and throughout the process of writing a novel she offered support, advice and expertise beyond her role as an editor. She has been a partner through the creation of my novel, helping me to produce something that I am proud of.

Brendon Hawkins | The Augmented

It has been an absolute pleasure engaging Element Editing Services for editing and proofreading. I am now able to release my books to market with complete confidence they are of the highest possible standard. Kat is warm, approachable and supportive. In addition to receiving a highly improved product, I am gaining a thorough education and know I am growing as a writer. I would highly recommend Kat and look forward to continuing to work with and learn from her.​

Louise Guy | Various Titles

Kat was warm and professional from the very start. She listened to my concerns, made her suggestions and backed up these suggestions with a sample edit. I was sold from then onward. She’s an editor who understands important things, like tone and style, and prunes with a thorough, but not ruthless hand. She does her research, and gives detailed reasons for changes. I was very fortunate to find her.

I recommend her to writers who want to see their work truly shine. She's a joy to work with.

Natalie Payne | A Time Unpromised

Kat helped me to bring my story to life - her guidance and editing services are outstanding. She is professional and pays attention to detail while also being kind and respectful which is the perfect balance for any aspiring or seasoned author. Kat gave me the confidence to continue writing my series, and I believe that she can help you too. I recommend her as your first choice; you will find that Kat will be your perfect choice.

C.K. Jackson | Kathy Abbott

I met Kat a few months ago. She helped me a lot, even being patient through my illness. Kat is extremely professional in the way she edited my material. Looking forward to working with her again in my future projects. Thank you, Kat.

Deeann Elizabeth Pavlick | Various Children's Books

Thorough, comprehensive, and insightful, Elements has no hesitation to put in the work required. Not only to polish and refine your script, but to ensure you understand the edit. Education and hawk-eyed editing in one. Would recommend anytime. 

Helena | These Things Unseen

Very professional service. Offered exactly what my manuscript needed before I realised I needed it.

Shoshanna Moy | Various Titles

Very affordable, patient and kind - wonderful with clients. I have had a great experience with Elements and will definitely be using them again for my next book :D Thank you!

Kasie Thomas | Shadows Crowed​

Kat was very helpful and extremely professional in the way she edited my material; the result was even better than I was expecting.

Adam Spencer Media | Web Content

Absolutely fantastic to deal with. Professional at all times and incredibly patient with me and the long delays in my responding to emails. Kat went above and beyond and made phone calls on my behalf to gain the information required for my guest information booklet. I was incredibly happy with the end result and would recommend Element Editing to anyone.

Log Home Holidays | Eagles Nest Guest Information Booklet


Kat was engaged to edit my short story, which will be published as part of an anthology. Kat was prompt, professional and a real pleasure to work with. The editing was accurate and the addition of short explanations to some of the recommendations made it easy to understand and incorporate these into the final version. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Mark J. Keenan | 'Happy New Richard'