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Beta Reading Testimonials

Because I am writing a story that deviates wildly from my usual books, I wanted some honest feedback that was going to tell me whether or not the book was ready to go through the expensive process of independently publishing, and I am so glad I did. Element Editing’s Beta Service was perfect for me because it took on the hassle of finding readers and chasing them up for me, freeing up my time. The readers were anonymous to me, as was I to them, so I felt like they were able to be more honest with their feedback for me without any preconceived ideas about who I am as a writer. The turnaround time was relatively quick compared with beta readers I have had in the past, and all the hard work of chasing them up was done by the Element Editing team for me. The questions answered by the beta readers were very comprehensive, plus there was room for one or two questions of my own to address anything I was specifically concerned about with the story. Readers did not waste time trying to correct spelling and grammar as friends and family are prone to do, and I gained valuable insight into my story from an outsider’s perspective that has helped me make my novel even better. I can highly recommend Element Editing’s Beta Reading Service.

Ash Oldfield | Witches of the Dead Kingdom

Seeking out professional beta reading services was incredibly helpful in my editing process, with an in-depth questionnaire set up and the option to add your own questions I was able to obtain vital information about my story. I highly recommend Element Editing Services for beta reading, they are efficient and have great communication! My story has grown into a new and improved version because of the wonderful people who took the time to give detailed feedback.

Miles Johnstone | If We Could Be Someone Else

Element Editing Services beta read my manuscript, in a timely and efficient manner at a very reasonable cost. I received back a very comprehensive questionnaire with both general questions, good ones I hadn't thought of, and then my own concerns. The reader gave quite detailed answers, and a lot of reassurances for a manuscript I'd previously been nervous of it being ready. They were able to also really boost my spirits on the quality of the story, and I needed that before starting the arduous process of querying. I didn't feel like all the feedback were compliments either, there was a good amount of critical analysis and things that I could do in order to make for a better reader experience. Thoroughly recommend, and will be using again!

E. J. Dawson | The Fate Liar

I sent my manuscript to [my beta reader] not knowing what to expect and whether it would be worth the time to get a beta read. I was surprised at the amount of effort and detail that was put into my little story. As a writer, I was full of self doubt and it had come to a point where I just needed a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at the piece. Her insight was invaluable and made me see some things I had never noticed before! My confidence in my writing went up a tad too, as well as my overall excitement. I think I even told her I loved her. 


Natasa Xerri | A Stranger's Tale

Without [my beta reader's] input, my stories were shadows of what I desired them to be. I still had clichés and moments that just didn’t work. I’ve studied screenwriting so I thought I had my characters down pat – but I was mistaken and I needed facets highlighted and questioned. I needed a beta reader to be constructive and to the point, to challenge anything that isn’t needed or should be done differently and boy, did I get that.

David Hearne | Back in Time for a Doughnut

I can't say enough positive things about Element Editing Services. Their beta reader questionnaire was in-depth and thorough. It pointed out the chapters that moved too slowly, the unnecessary characters, plot holes, dialogue, etc. It was the feedback that I needed to polish my novel. The response time was quicker than promised, and I would highly recommend their services.

Shannon Jones | Wacky Jacky

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