Beta Reading Testimonials

I sent my manuscript to Lena not knowing what to expect and whether it would be worth the time to get a beta read. I was surprised at the amount of effort and detail that was put into my little story. As a writer, I was full of self doubt and it had come to a point where I just needed a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at the piece. Her insight was invaluable and made me see some things I had never noticed before! My confidence in my writing went up a tad too, as well as my overall excitement. I think I even told her I loved her. 


Natasa Xerri | A Stranger's Tale

Without beta reader Belinda’s input, my stories were shadows of what I desired them to be. I still had clichés and moments that just didn’t work. I’ve studied screenwriting so I thought I had my characters down pat – but I was mistaken and I needed facets highlighted and questioned. I needed a beta reader to be constructive and to the point, to challenge anything that isn’t needed or should be done differently and boy, did I get that. My work needed the keen, insightful eye of a master story-teller (Belinda’s a very successful published author and has written screenplays too). This is no one-off; Belinda has delivered for me time and again. Having a beta reader who can pick up so much about the narrative, the characters, the tone, what works, what doesn’t, your theme, your motifs, and everything in-between, is priceless. I’ve had beta readers give me comments or answer questionnaires (still helpful) but to have a beta reader who will return your entire manuscript full of comments for you to consider – each one of them perceptive and discerning – is just extraordinarily valuable.

David Hearne | Back in Time for a Doughnut

I can't say enough positive things about Element Editing Services. Their beta reader questionnaire was in-depth and thorough. It pointed out the chapters that moved too slowly, the unnecessary characters, plot holes, dialogue, etc. It was the feedback that I needed to polish my novel. The response time was quicker than promised, and I would highly recommend their services.

 | Shannon Jones