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Twitch – Live-Streaming Your Edit

Twitch™ is a live-streaming website. In the past it has been used to stream games, eSports, digital design and programming, as well as art, such as painting, composing, and dance. The streaming capabilities of Twitch™ allow users worldwide to create and share content of all kinds.

More and more writers have been taking to Twitch™ to share their writing, to develop communities, and to gain motivation by doing so. For editors, Twitch™ gives us the ability to show our viewers (and writers) what it is we do, and how we do it. We can show that, despite it all, we're not really going to hack and slash and tear their beloved manuscripts to pieces – because we love those manuscripts, too. It can also show that editing is still a necessity, even with "spell check".

Streaming an edit on Twitch™ allows the world to see your work, and can act as a valuable outlet for advertising and increasing your novel's exposure – before it even heads to print. There are many writers and authors on Twitch™; most notably Patrick Rothfuss.

By allowing Element Editing Services to live stream your edit, you will be awarded a 10% discount. On a $2000 edit, this saves you $200!

These streams will NOT be recorded, so once the stream ends, users will be not be able to view the content.

At no time will a client's edit be broadcast without their written and contracted consent. If you're happy to have your work streamed, it will be included in the Standard Agreement for Editorial Services (SAES – the contract).


Prolific – Grandfathered Rates

Once the rate for your manuscript has been calculated, this will remain the rate for all books within that set. If you're writing a trilogy, for example, and the quote for book one is  0.03 per word, that rate will be used on books three and four, too. There will be no price change, even if the rates are increased. When you start a new, unrelated set, the process starts again, at any new rate there may be. This is standard practice here, so there's no need to ask for it, it will be automatically applied to your client details.


Promotional – Once-Off Discounts

Every now an then Element Editing Services provides discounts to garner new clients. This is usually due to an unforeseen opening in my schedule, or it may be that a client has shifted their project start date. These discounts are once-offs, and will not be grandfathered. If the standard rate calculated for your manuscript is 0.035, and you book in when there is a 10% discount, the next manuscript you schedule will be quoted at the 0.035 rate. On a $2000 edit, this saves you $200. If you want to make this discount permanent, see above for discounts on Twitch™ live-stream edits

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