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It's hard to find beta readers who can provide quality feedback in a decent time frame and because of this, professional, paid beta readers are becoming ever more popular.

Element Editing Services has formed a premium beta-reading team, put together so that you know you'll get everything you need, and everything you want from a beta reader.

Make sure your manuscript is solid.

New to Professional Beta Reading?

Our professional beta readers can help you get the detailed information you need.

Deluxe Beta Readers


When Tina isn't reading or writing, she likes to take time out to relax and watch action movies. She loves picnics at the beach and good ol' fashion barbeques with the people she loves.

Tina has been to Malta, Japan, and Fiji, and currently lives in the Victorian Surf Coast. She is currently studying a proofreading and editing course in the hopes of becoming a developmental editor.

Tina is happy to read almost everything that makes its way into her hands, but she does not take political or evangelical works.

Lena Profile.jpg


Lena is a Business Analyst and fiction writer (and a Subject Matter Expert, and a Technical Writer, and a million other things!).

Outside of work, Lena likes to drink extensive amounts of whisky, whiskey, vodka, wine, and gin. She does not discriminate when it comes to her whisky. She also likes to make her own cosmetics (she's very good!) and occasionally interact with other humans. When not doing one of these, she can be found watching West Wing. Over and over and over again.

Lena accepts all forms of Speculative Fiction, and is open to all other genres, too.

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